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By Cutand Brush, Feb 19 2019 08:09AM

Left handed hairdressing Scissors, Funky Purple

Purple Scissors,Funky Purple Powder coated

Purple Colour made for Quality Japanese Steel

Adjustable with tension screw System,

Straight Handle, Bevel Edge

By Cutand Brush, Feb 4 2019 01:34PM

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Wedding Hair Grips hair accessories Black Diamante Hair Clip Claw

Diamante Hair Clip Claw;

Black PVC Diamante Hair Clip Claw

14 claws 7 on each side

Claw 5" long .by 1".5"

Spring Grip 2" High fan by7"Around the top of the fan comb

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By Cutand Brush, Oct 3 2018 10:05AM

Hair corsage hair clip brooch.

A Russian winter fashion accessory

Why not bright up your winter outfit

Style it up the Russian fashion way

with a hair clip brooch pin add one to

your hair, scarf, coat or hat

On a cold winter’s day

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