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Hairdressing Scissors, Blue, Professional, Hair Salon Scissors, Barber shop

Blue Titanium Grey Striped Diamante Size 6” /6.5” with rest Blades 2.5” (approx.

Made to Order for

To the Highest Quality

Hairdressing Scissors, Blue, Titanium Gray Blue Striped Hair Salon Scissors

  • Professional Barber Hairdressing Hair Salon Scissors,

    Blue titanium plasma coated, Comes in Black Case

    Adjustable with tension screw system, with 6 Diamante Stones,

    Special Designed Offset Handle,

    Gray Blue Striped  Blades

    Semi Convex edge with hollow-ground blades for smooth, precise, sharp cutting,

    Attached trumpet finger

    Size 6” /6.5” with rest     Blades 2.5”  (approx.




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