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Pink Bag, Hair beauty, accessories bag, cosmetic bag,

Hair and cosmetic bag pink accessories bag

Pink Hair and Beauty accessories bag

Pink Hairdressing Salon Bag !

Travel cosmetic bag, wash bag, toiletry cosmetic pink bag

SKU: XSJ-9002
  • made to order for



    Bag Size 11" Long

    9" Deep by 5" side width


    8* Pocket Pink

    Equipment Shoulder Bag with S hook   

    Soft Pink Oxford Series Nylon Material 

    Shoulder Bag 8 Pocket pockets easy clean ·

    Back Long pocket 11" width X 6" deep ·  

    Zipped up top flap with to  two zipped net pockets

    S hook for hanging on rail · 

    5 side pockets inside Bag ·

    Adjustable Clip fastening shoulder strap Hand handle on top for easy carrying

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